My Peruvian heritage is a great source of inspiration for me. The colors of Peru are so vibrant and there is such vast contrast in the land. There is the Amazon Rain Forest, the coastal beaches, the arid land and the mountains. Each area of Peru has a distinct type of native dress and artistry. I've traveled all over the country and am constantly amazed at the beauty and creativity that abounds.

Craftsmanship and artistry has always been a way of life in Peru. Archeologist continually unearth remarkable displays of textiles, pottery and metallurgy. This rich past has a great influence on today's artisans and there is a growing pride in embracing this heritage.

I hope to share this with you through my designs and through many cherished pictures of my travels through out Peru. Enjoy!
     ~ the photo of the hats was taken at the little rustic lodge we stayed at in Chucuito, Puno near Lake Titicaca in Peru.


  1. Are these hats? Please explain more about this pretty picture.

  2. Yes, MagMoment. These beautiful hats are made of wool and embroidered with detailed patterns in vibrant colored thread. Many Andean women invest time and money in beautiful clothing especially for important festivals through out the year. This picture was taken at the small rustic lodge we stayed at outside of Puno in Peru. It was part of the decor in the lodge and caught mt eye.

  3. Just beautiful ! Where can we find this?




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