Eco Tagua Necklace - Cielo Blue  $46.00

A beautiful statement necklace with slim eco-friendly Tagua nut slices and Acai seeds from rain forests of South America. The fun tropical colors are what make this necklace eye catching. The Acai seeds dyed a rich berry red and Tagua nut slices in soft cielo blue have been attached to brown hemp cord with a knotted design and small silver plated beads. The Tagua slices have a lovely smooth matte finish and soft color that I call cielo blue.

Desert Flower Earrings   $22.00

 The desert flower earrings are made with semi precious stones in beautiful hues of dusty orange, deep raisin brown and a dark watermelon. These desert colors are accented by warm turquoise glass beads. I've strung them on a dark brown hemp cord, separating and holding them in place with small handmade knots.

 Eco Tagua Slice Earrings  $29.00

 Long and colorful eco-friendly statement earrings made of raw Tagua slices dyed a vivid watermelon red and accented with Bombona seed dyed Pastel Aqua blue. Attached together and hanging by slim dark chocolate brown double hemp cords. Hand forged sterling silver ear hooks give these earrings a modern tribal look.

Tagua Acai Necklace - Indigo Blue  $52.00

A colorful eco-friendly Tagua necklace in deep Indigo blue and bright apple green. The pendant is made from a Tagua nut slice dyed a vibrant blue and contrasted with Acai seeds in an green apple color giving the necklace a fun modern look. The seeds are hand knotted on a blue bamboo fiber cord.

Copper Turquoise Hoops  $38.00

These beautiful hand forged copper hoops with turquoise were inspired by my sister Aimee and the original pair were designed for her. Large copper hoops completely hand formed and hammered to give them a very organic look and feel. The textured surface wonderfully reflects sunlight making them that much more eye catching.

Amazon Seed Necklace    $38.00

 Handcrafted with eco-friendly Amazon seeds from South America. Five seeds dyed a rich honey brown knotted on to a leather cord. The necklace is finished with a sterling silver chain and hand forged silver hook closure. Amazon seeds are natural materials, no two are a like.

Eco Statement Earrings  $29.00

Eco-friendly statement earrings made of Tagua nut slices in a striking deep pink hue paired with Bombona seeds dyed a soft pastel aqua. They are strung on a cacao brown hemp cord attached to sterling silver earring hooks. Tagua nuts and Bombona seeds are natural materials from South America, no two are alike.

Andean Owl Earrings   $28.00

Long whimsical owl earrings with dangling colorful semi-precious stones. Handmade ceramic owls from Peru with long tail like strands of hemp cord each one knotted with a different stone attached. The owls hang from sterling silver ear hooks that I hand formed and gave a little spiral detailing. A silver plate bead sits a top it's head and champagne colored tiny glass beads accent the different stones that I chose to complement the deep purple color of the owl : Iolite, Garnet, Jasper and Peruvian Turquoise.

Acai Seed Necklace - Honey Brown   $36.00

 A simple but elegant necklace with a cluster of eco-friendly Acai seeds and Amazon seeds in a warm and dark honey brown. These eco-friendly elements have naturally smooth surfaces and wonderful organic shapes and markings, no two are a like.

Sterling Silver Coral Hoops  $29.00

Hand forged Sterling silver hoops with a pop of color! These hoops are light weight and perfect for everyday. Each textured hoop has a vivid orange red sponge Coral bead complemented by sterling and 950 silver rustic rings from Peru. The hammering detail gives the 1 1/2" or 40 mm wide hoops a matte finish that also reflects light nicely.

Eco Tagua Necklace - Red and Black  $56.00

A beautiful handcrafted Tagua necklace made of eco-friendly Tagua nuts and Amazon seeds. The Tagua nut is dyed a deep Venetian red and paired with and paired with Amazon seeds in their natural ebony color. A red Acai seed charm hangs from the hand knotted cord.

Copper Hoops Handmade - Small   $15.00

Beautiful hand forged copper hoop earrings in a small size perfect for everyday! These copper hoops are completely formed by hand and hammered flat to give them a very sleek look and feel. The flat surface wonderfully reflects the sunlight making them eye catching. These hoops are very comfortable to wear, just the right weight for your ears.

Acai & Sterling Earrings - Tango Pink   $22.00

I love these playful Acai earrings in tango pink and deep cacao brown ! The Acai seeds are dyed a deep cacao chocolate brown and a vivid tango pink color. They are attached by a waxed cotton cord to hand forged sterling silver hoop and ear hooks.


Copper Hoops Handmade - Medium   $17.00

Not too big and not too small. These copper hoops are completely formed by hand and hammered flat to give them a very sleek look and feel. Before attaching the ear hook to the hoop the earrings are put in a tumbler for several hours. This last process hardens the metal and gives it a luster.

Eco Bombona Necklace - Mint    $36.00

Handmade with Bombona seeds from the Amazon Rain Forest of South America. A grouping of Bombona Seeds from Ecuador dyed a pastel mint or aqua color and rich dark chocolate are strung on to an aqua colored leather cord. The graduated seeds have a beautiful natural sheen and smooth wonderful organic shapes.

Copper Hoops Handmade - Textured   $14.00

These copper hoops are completely formed by hand and hammered to give them a textured organic look. The textured surface wonderfully reflects the sunlight making them very eye catching. I place the hoop the earrings in a tumbler for several hours, this process hardens the metal and gives it a luster.

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