Vintage Sombrero Jewelry

These are gorgeous vintage sterling silver earrings from Peru. I was amazed at the size when I discovered them. Very well made a long time ago by a very skilled artisan. For more details on these earrings please click here


DYI - Knit Cactus

A very cute DYI knitting pattern for the cactus lovers. This free trio of cacti knitting pattern can be found on Ravelry. Graded as quick and easy the cactus can be used as simply decorative or as 
adorable pin cushions !




Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos with Cashew & Cilantro Cream

This stuffed Poblano chile recipe is from the blog Honestly Yum with it's great colors and healthy ingredients how can you go wrong ! Not only does it look delicious but it is also vegan. Filled with black beans, pink corn, zucchini, scallions and quinoa. I think adding a little red quinoa would make it even more colorful. To top it off with a cashew and cilantro sauce.



Urubamba Sacred Valley Peru

I came across this beautiful picture of the Sacred Valley in Peru. I've been there twice and always remember the clean crisp air because of the altitude that seemed to make colors so much more vivid !



Pallar Power

I not only love the graphics of this poster but also the meaning behind it. The poster is to promote tourism in Ica Peru. Pallares or Butter beans is the subject. Most people are familiar with Lima beans but it's the much bigger Butter bean that originates in the Andes which is called Pallar in Peru. This coastal part of Peru is the center of the Afro Peruvian culture and the cultivation of this bean. The poster continues saying "If you've come to Ica and you haven't eaten Pallar or drank Pisco, what did you come for".

* the art work is from the graphic design company Nidea in Peru


Metamorphosi ~ green glass earrings

Metamorphosi is a shop on Etsy that I have admired for quite some time. These stunning recycled green glass earrings are what first caught my eye. Ilaria Sadun from Italy is the artisan behind these glass hoops and other beautiful creations. A trip to Peru is where she was first inspired to work with recycled glass. You can read her story on her About page.

Vogue Korea - kittens

Vogue Korea photography by Kim Kyung Soo


Casa de colores - inspiration

This is a great color palette for that happy feeling home ! Just a few pics from my collection of inspirational things that I store on my Pinterest page. It starts with the love kitchen full of bright greens, oranges and blues. Then a trio of giraffe pots from Anthropologie in natural with flower like white ethnic tribal markings. I love the frazadas from Peru and Bolivia that come in fantastic colors. Frazada is the South American word for blanket, you can find a nice selection at L'aviva home. Lastly a wonderful white, multi-colored tasseled pillow also from Anthropologie.


Sugar & Cloth ~ DIY Leather strapped tote

I came across this wonderful idea on Sugar & Cloth blog. Easy to follow instructions on how to upcycle a not so exciting cloth tote bag in to something special by adding leather straps and rivets. The longer leather straps make the tote bag unique and much more practical. You could even recycle any old leather belt for this project. For step by step instructions and photos click HERE to go to the Sugar & Cloth post.

Yerba Mate Smoothie

I came across this wonderful smoothie on the blog "This Rawsome Vegan Life". The blog has so many great vegan recipes but this smoothie really stood out. It's full name is Hormone balancing Yerba Mate Banana Smoothie with Maca, Lucuma, Vanilla and Cashews. It could almost be called the South American Superfood smoothie since many of it's ingredients originate there and are packed with nutritional benefits. That's particularly why it caught my attention. From my travels to Peru, Argentina and Brazil names like maca, lucuma and yerba mate are very familiar. Here is the recipe from Emily's blog :

Yerba Mate Banana Smoothie

2 frozen bananas
1 1/2 cups chilled yerba mate tea (chai blend can be used)
1 tsp lucuma powder
1 tsp maca powder
1 tsp vanilla powder
3 dates
Pinch of Himalayan salt
1/4 cashews, preferably soaked
Cacao nibs (optional)

Blend everything until smooth. Taste and adjust accordingly (add more dates, vanilla, etc.) Top off with cacao nibs.


For more info on this superfood smoothie and other great recipes visit This Rawsome Vegan Life.



Gerardo Larrea for Vogue Peru

Gerardo Larrea is a stylist, artistic director and fashion illustrator from Peru. His illustrations have a wonderful whimsical feel ! I love the tones of this illustration for Italian designer Alesandro dell'Acqua's N21 collection that appeared in Vogue Peru magazine. I'll be sharing many more in future posts.



Rainy day

Such a cute picture ! I hope to be imitating him soon,
hasn't rained here for quite some time.
I love the rain and I love turtles too.

* found this adorable photo on Cutest paw, it would be great to know it's origin.


Treasure shopping in Lima


The word is getting out ! Peru is a wonderful place for shopping. I travel there as often as possible and once I return home I love going through my finds. Whether I bought it in the capital, high up in the Andes or from an artisan along the beach they are all like exciting memories of a treasure hunt.

One Kings Lane did a great post called Insiders guide to Peru as part of their far-flung shopping escapade series where decorator Nate Berkus jets to Peru to scour the city streets and mountain top villages for handmade treasures. Above are a few of his finds in the capital, Lima Peru. Click on the Insider guide to see a few of his suggestions of shops, places to eat and sleep in the City of Kings. Watch Nate's travelogue below for your passport to Peru.



Chicha Morada ~ Purple corn drink


In a previous post I shared a recipe for Mazamorra Morada, a traditional Peruvian purple corn dessert and mentioned the beneficial properties of purple corn. Recently I have come across a delightful video by Tastemade, with vintage latin music in the background, visually appealing setting and easy to follow instructions it's a sure recipe for fun in the kitchen !

* for more info on Mazamorra Morada or Tastemade just click on the colored links



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