Eco-friendly Tagua Jewelry Collection

On my recent trip to South America I was able to travel to Ecuador for the first time, home of the Tagua nut. I was excited to be able to hand pick my materials. They take the eco-friendly Tagua nut, slice it, polish it and dye it so many beautiful colors it was very hard to choose. It was quite a trek, nine hour bus ride from the border of Peru. So much lush green scenery, my husband and I love traveling by land through South America. Once I was back home I was very anxious to start creating, all the wonderful colors were very inspiring. Once I started I couldn't stop, more and more ideas came as I worked with these materials. Lots of long earrings and necklaces in vibrant colors and unique organic shapes.

I finally had to stop and start putting items in to my shop. All these colors and shapes are perfect for Spring and Summer. I'll be sharing more items from the collection and get started on new summer designs. I love working with Tagua nuts and other Amazon seeds, the amazing colors and organic shapes are just part of the reason. The fact that these materials are eco-friendly was one of the main reasons I decided to focus on creating collections with these elements. If you would like to know more about Tagua nuts click here. To see the entire collection visit my shop :



  1. Lovely jewellery - and interesting to learn about tagua nuts. Hadn't come across those before. Thanks for telling me about them.

    Good luck with your sales - and for a break, you might like to visit to see what we can get up to sometimes! Look forward to seeing you there soon.

    Meanwhile, all the best.

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