Cafe Latte Tagua Acai Eco-friendly necklace

I just finished listing a new necklace for my Tagua and Acai collection.  I love the colors of this one, I call it Cafe Latte after the large center Tagua nut in it's own  natural color. A soft color like the combination of milk and coffee. I've kept the design simple to showcase the beauty of these natural elements. I love working with these natural materials, their smooth surface and organic shapes.

Each one is completely unique and the fact that they are eco-friendly just enhances their beauty.In a previous post I explained more about Tagua nuts and Acai seeds, to read this post click  HERE . To see more tagua design visit my store by clicking this


Buenos Aires Pastry

vanilla & saffron macaroons

Buenos Aires Pastry is a beautiful bilingual blog by Georgina Manghi from Buenos Aires, Argentina with delicious pictures and recipes of  her lovely desserts and savory bistro dishes. One visit to this blog and you will want to put their Buenos Aires Pastry & Bistro on your list if places to visit on your next trip to Argentina.


KUNA ~ luxurious natural fibers from the andes

Kuna Beautiful Alpaca Collection
This video displays a combination of images from the Colca Canyon region of Peru, showing beautiful alpacas and guanacos and amazing landscapes. Alpaca Collections strives to bring high quality apparel combining the ancient Peruvian textile tradition with a modern South American design ethic. Their products are made of natural fibers and fabrics, most of which come from the Alpaca animals or pima cotton raised or grown in Peru. Alpacas are beautiful, hearty animals able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and give seasons of amazingly soft wool, supporting their owners and their families for years. The goal of  Kuna is to be like the Alpacas: beautiful, sustainable, durable and giving back to our global family. The video ends with a shot of world leaders wearing Kuna ponchos at the 2008 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, held in Peru.  for more information visit their website

Delightful bird earrings from Eridanea

 These chirping bird earrings are so cute and colorful I had to feature them. They are made by Eridanea who is from Slovenia and has an eclectic shop of handmade and vintage treasures. Made of light weight wood with a cut out of a branch of  leaves and measuring 2" in width. Available in a variety of painted colors like sunshine yellow, berry pink, leaf green and a charcoal grey. She also carries an adorable magnet set with a butterfly, bird and heart painted in bright and cheerful colors. Each magnet has detailed floral and leaf designs in white. Stop by Eridaneas shop, she loves having visitors

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Karl Lagerfeld Bear

I often reference my Peruvian heritage through out my blog but as of yet have not mentioned the other half of my heritage. This post is dedicated to my mom who is from Germany and combines my love for fashion and cute things.  I'm sure you would agree that this teddy bear is too cute ! He's also a very special bear made in the image of famous German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, his mini me you could say. This very cool and fashionable bear measures 16" in height and is made of plush alpaca wool. Wearing a miniature outfit designed in collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld, including black jeans, wool flannel jacket, white shirt, Swarovski crystal-studded silk tie and KL belt buckle, leather belt and tailor-made leather boots. He even has a pair of little sunglasses in the style Karl Lagerfeld himself wears. For this reason he has been called the most fashionable teddy bear on the planet.
 This handsome little guy is made by the German toy company Steiff. If you haven't heard of this legendary company you might be surprised to know that they are said to have invented the teddy bear. Founded in 1880 by Margarete Steiff a seamstress who had to sew with one hand because of Polio. Her company is not only the worlds oldest plush manufacturer but also world renown for their top quality.  Steiff teddy bears are very collectible especially vintage ones. My grandmother brought me back a teddy bear from Germany when I was a small child. It's not a Steiff but is beautifully made and I treasure it. : )                                                

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