I'm in love with a Rose

I'm not a big flower aficionado but I fell in love with this rose on our recent trip to Portland Oregon. When we visited the International Rose Test Garden the colors of this rose just mesmerized me. A dream like pale soft blue lavender hue or it has also been described as  silvery  grayish lavender and  with a perfume just as alluring it's hard not be smitten with it's unique beauty.  This a Lagerfeld grandiflora rose named after Karl Lagerfeld the fashion designer and is also known as the Starlight Rose. These are just a couple of the many photos I took of this beautiful rose. There were other eye-catching roses in the garden that I'll share in a future post.


  1. It's lovely! I like that it's named after Lagerfeld. Thanks for posting :)

  2. What a picture perfect rose! The colour is so dreamy and soothing!

  3. Thank you for following my blog! Yours is lovely and I'm happy to follow you too!!! (And my rooster thanks you too!)

  4. The rose is perfect! Thank you for sharing it.




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