Inspirational studio ~ The Noisy Plume

 This post combines two things I love creativity and travel ! Jillian of  "The Noisy Plume" is a wonderful jewelry artist who now has a wonderful work studio thats mobile. A labor of love for Jillian and her husband. They aquired the 1964 Sovreign Landyacht Airstream trailer from a farm in Idaho. Much work went in to the restoration of this retro dream like the more than 2500 rivets that were buck-riveted in to the interior walls. A skylight was put in along with light blue flooring and the inside of the door painted tangerine orange.

Julian's husband is a smokejumper or wildland fire fighter which requires him to be away from home for part of the year. Now that they have Miss Maple, which is what the Airstream has been fondly named, Jillian can travel along with her husband and have her studio too. There is still work to be done on Miss Maple like installing a custom work bench with lots of little drawers and shelves and of course a kitchen galley, shower, bed all you need for on the road living. How does she feel about her new studio ? " I love the space.  It glows.  I can’t explain it fully, but the light is serene and divine, no matter the time of day, and it feels really good."

To see more of Miss Maple or Jillian's beautiful jewelry visit her blog The Noisy Plume . You could also take a peek at her shop on Etsy thenoisyplume.etsy.com



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