Frida Kahlo by Rupert Gracia

I love this print of  Frida Kahlo by renowned Bay Area artist Rupert Garcia. This Mexican American California artist had a recent exhibit at the de Young museum in San Francisco, Rupert Garcia: The Magnolia Editions Projects 1991-2011. To see more of his work, learn more about the artist and see a video interview click here.


Bicichalina ~ let's ride

This poster has great colors and graphics and I love the idea behind it ! Bici is short for the Spanish word for bicycle - bicicleta and chalina is the word for scarf. The poster is from the bicycle riding club Actibícimo in Miraflores, Peru announcing their fall evening bike rides through the city. I think it's great how this bicycle riding movement is spreading all over. To see a short video of one of their evening rides watch " Noche de Bici en Lima ".


Andy Ve Eirn ~ beautiful knitwear

This beautiful knitwear is from Andy Ve Eirn, a shop I found on Etsy.  Yael Scharaby is a designer with a collection of elegant, simple and minimalistic knits. Above are a few of my favorites from her shop. Click on the colored links to see more designs or to visit the designers about page.


Formentera - Rustic Beauty

via The Style Files

A wonderful Mediterranean get away on the island of Formentera near Spain. I love this type of rustic elegance. The white walls give it a fresh modern feel then the rustic wood makes it warm and cozy. What a great place to just relax and recharge, problem is you wont want to leave : )




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