Many of my designs are influenced by my Peruvian heritage. A culture rich in exquisite artistry and workmanship. This creativity and excellence in craftsmanship continues down to today and is a constant source of inspiration for me.

My materials also inspire me, silver, semi-precious stones, leather and seeds from the Amazon rain forest. I love using natural elements from Peru. It is important to me when designing and handcrafting my work to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. I am able to attain some of my Sterling Silver supplies from a manufacturer that refines their metal from recycled silver. I use sustainably harvested Tagua nuts, Acai and Huayruro seeds. These natural resources also give the native people of the Amazon an economic means that does not involve the destruction of the Rain Forest.

I love being able to share my passion and my culture through my work and enjoy every aspect of it. Even the final phase of wrapping and sending off an order. I want each piece to be special and to bring joy to the person who will receive it, starting from the moment of opening the package.

In addition to my work I carry beautiful vintage sterling silver pieces that follow the same vein of inspiration. Many of the items are from Peru and Mexico. Latin American vintage sterling silver jewelry have wonderful unique designs and a beauty that is more and more appreciated as time goes by.





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