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Yurt is the more common name  for the Mongolian felt tent or Ger and is one of the oldest forms of indigenous shelter still in useA Ger consists of a wooden frame, is covered with felt and can be assembled and dismantled in approximately 2 hours. The beautiful photograph above was taken in Mongolia by Dimitri Mundorff, one of the winners of The Lonely Planet photo contest.

My husband and I love traveling and
may never get to Mongolia but we do get to stay in a Yurt on occasion. When we're unable to travel out of the country we drive up north to Oregon.  Several of the Oregon State Parks have rustic yurts, though there a few with deluxe styles.

The features of a typical rustic yurt are : Sleeps 5, futon sofa (converts to a double bed), single and double sized bunk bed, small table, heat, lights, electricity, outdoor fire pit and picnic table, venting skylight and locking door.  The small photos to the left and right were taken at the Valley of the Rogue State Park in Oregon near the Rogue River where we stay often. Considering all these features you can be quite comfortable for about $40 a night. During the winter it's even cheaper which is a great deal since the yurts are heated, it makes for a very cozy get away. Making  the trip even more enjoyable is the fact that Oregon State Parks are well maintained. The campground's bathroom facilities are very clean and most are heated during the winter. So you too might get hooked on this little home away from home.   ~ To see some more amazing travel  photos from all over the world click here Lonely Planet photo contest.


  1. What a beautiful place to be.That looks so cozy.

  2. Yay!! Yurts!! I remember seeing a blog post about them months ago & just loved them... like a much more grown up tent. So functional & rustic but somehow elegant & often stylish. Too cool!

  3. I went to Mongolia and stayed in Ger's most of the time. Filling the wooden stove in the middle of the night was tough, other then that it was great!

  4. My brother lives in Oregon and I NEED to visit. Maybe have a little trip up the coast and find a yurt of my own for a little retreat. I am looking forward to spending a bit more time on your blog( I should be working and took a break from the nose to the grindstone routine. Or is that a jewelers phrase?

  5. the camp at the rogue river is not far from where my brother lives in Medford. If I EVER get out the I want to stay there. I Love to travel too. but I will be lucky if I get out to the west coast, let alone mongolia.

    I guess you could say we are bi-coastal.

    Love the pics

  6. Lois, yurts are great you really should give them a try. There are several state parks through out Oregon that have them. Pretty economical and a lot less trouble the setting up a tent. You wont want to go back to regular camping : )

  7. Looks great i have been try to get a Yurt for a while now but just have not had the time to actually buy one.




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