Nancy Troske ~ Jewelry Artisan

I would like to introduce Nancy Troske a skilled jewelry artisan with some beautiful designs in silver and copper. Nancy studied her craft here in the San Francisco Bay Area at the renown California College of Arts & Crafts and at the prestigious Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. She currently resides in Princeton, NJ where she now teaches the art of jewelry making.

           The first thing that caught my eye in Nancy's collection were her Porcelain and Enamel copper cuff bracelets. I have recently become fascinated with the idea of working with copper and enamel and hope to begin experimenting soon.  I like the width of Nancy's copper bracelet and the swirls and depth of the color in the enamel. Several coats of enamel porcelain are fired separately, layer after layer until the desired effect is achieved making each bracelet unique. A nice touch is Nancy's signature in the cuff.

 The next piece from the collection that I would like to spotlight is called Ancient History which appeals to my love of travel and archeology. Nancy is a collector of ancient artifacts and has acquired a cache of ancient glass which she sets in fine and sterling silver. These unique rings also have three little 24K balls as accents in the center of the glass. The deep mediterranean blue of the glass looks great with the gold. The back of the ring is signed and has the inscription  Ancient Roman Glass 350 - 150 B.C.

Lastly would be something I've been thinking about giving as a gift to my husband for some time now, cuff links! We make it a special occasion to see an opera every year at the San Francisco Opera House and I think these would be perfect. This is one of two designs in the collection that are made of cloisonne and enamel set in fine and sterling silver in a wonderful abstract design. For more information on the ancient art of cloisonne see  Nancy's website:  All Nancy's jewelry is carefully packed in an earth-friendly gift box, a gauzy drawstring bag or a small little gift "purse."


  1. I love enamel jewelry. There are some great vintage pieces around. There's nothing like white enamel and gold for the summer.
    I wish I knew how to do it, and maybe some day I will, but first I have some other projects ahead, like cutting porcelain and silversmithing, so one thing at a time.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Anakit at

  2. Thank you for such a lovely write-up on my work! You really hit all the high points and chose my favorite pieces as well!

  3. You welcome Nancy, you made it easy!

    Tania : )

  4. I know what you mean Anakit, so little time : )

  5. I especially like the blue ring! :)




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