A Little Paparazzi lover

On our recent trip to Oregon we found that we had a little neighbor sharing our yurt. I had left the doors to our car open which was parked in front of the yurt and before I knew it there was someone snooping around in there. My husband had left a bag of open peanuts in the front seat which I guess meant finders keepers!


 I grabbed my camera and carefully slipped into the back seat and started shooting away. Our furry friend was quite a ham and allowed me to snap as many pictures as I wanted.  He repeatedly stuffed his mouth full of peanuts and made several trips back and forth from the car to hide his stash under the yurt. He was making such a mess in the front seat I had to move the bag out side. We let him empty the bag so he would have a nice supply to keep him through winter, hopefully he'll share his stash with the other little guys at the Rogue River Campsite !

* to read more about yurts and the Valley of the Rogue campsite in Oregon read my previous post "Yurt Sweet Yurt"  Click  HERE

Peanuts anyone ?


Hello Kitty in Paris

Hello Kitty in Paris - this is a project my sister loved working on. My sister Aimee is an artist and while working for Tom Sachs she made the originals of these sculptures that were then cast in bronze and  are here on display in Paris. She loves the fact that here her work is in a public place where everyone can enjoy it. I'm very proud of  her, I think their beautiful !

  to learn more about Aimee's work click HERE

Acai Berry Fruit ~ Yummmmm

The Acai seed is an eco-friendly material that I love using in my work. Through out my blog you can see the jewelry I create using Brazilian Acai seeds. Below you can see a picture of the actual berries that look very much like blueberries. Up above is a delicious Acai breakfast recipe I came across, just click on the photo for the full recipe and click here if you'd like to read more about these eco-friendly seeds. You can also see my jewelry designs at : Tania Cavenecia ~ eco-friendly jewelry

La Tera ~ artisan Paula Ortega

Paula Ortega is the designer of La Tera ~ handmade contemporary jewelry. Paula is a self taught jewelry designer originally from Argentina and is now based in London. She creates beautiful modern jewelry using resin. I love her little square earrings pictured above, vibrant green threads encased in resin look like tiny blades of grass.  The purple cell ring is another one of my favorites with it's organic shape and purple pigment. The ring is made with sterling silver and is very light with a wonderful frosty satin finish.  Another pair of square earrings below capture fuchsia pink threads. Paula also makes a variety of modern pendant necklaces and bangles. Take a look at her website or Etsy shop.
for more information on any of the items above click on the pictures.


Malandrino Latin Style

Catherine Malandrino's 2010 Spring and Resort collection caught my eye because of it's Latin inspiration. Her spring collection was called "Nomads" and said it was an invitation to travel ! That alone grabbed my attention but it was also the inspiration from Peru like the dress above. The collection is said to be inspired by four parts of the world, represented by four different peoples: the Nuba of Sudan, the Berbers of North Africa, the Cashibo of Peru, and the Samoans of Polynesia. Tribal appliqués and zebra prints (Sudan); dusty-hued, languid layers (Sahara) : intricate knits and colorful beading (Peru); and sarong like draping and saturated island brights (South Pacific.)  

The dress above is from her beautiful  2010 resort collection which has a definite Spanish flair. I love the soft mauve pink color. Catherine Malandrino is a french designer based in New York. She has a great website, here's a quote on who she is as a designer : "She channels her energy into poetic designs that encourage women to express their personality. With unique craftsmanship, color palette, and innovative draping skills, she conveys a timeless femininity and “joie de vivre” that Catherine values in her own life. Infusing this idea with a youthful spirit, Catherine Malandrino delivers a chic, feminine, and recognizable silhouette."



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