A Little Paparazzi lover

On our recent trip to Oregon we found that we had a little neighbor sharing our yurt. I had left the doors to our car open which was parked in front of the yurt and before I knew it there was someone snooping around in there. My husband had left a bag of open peanuts in the front seat which I guess meant finders keepers!


 I grabbed my camera and carefully slipped into the back seat and started shooting away. Our furry friend was quite a ham and allowed me to snap as many pictures as I wanted.  He repeatedly stuffed his mouth full of peanuts and made several trips back and forth from the car to hide his stash under the yurt. He was making such a mess in the front seat I had to move the bag out side. We let him empty the bag so he would have a nice supply to keep him through winter, hopefully he'll share his stash with the other little guys at the Rogue River Campsite !

* to read more about yurts and the Valley of the Rogue campsite in Oregon read my previous post "Yurt Sweet Yurt"  Click  HERE

Peanuts anyone ?




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