DYI - Knit Cactus

A very cute DYI knitting pattern for the cactus lovers. This free trio of cacti knitting pattern can be found on Ravelry. Graded as quick and easy the cactus can be used as simply decorative or as 
adorable pin cushions !




Quinoa Stuffed Poblanos with Cashew & Cilantro Cream

This stuffed Poblano chile recipe is from the blog Honestly Yum with it's great colors and healthy ingredients how can you go wrong ! Not only does it look delicious but it is also vegan. Filled with black beans, pink corn, zucchini, scallions and quinoa. I think adding a little red quinoa would make it even more colorful. To top it off with a cashew and cilantro sauce.



Urubamba Sacred Valley Peru

I came across this beautiful picture of the Sacred Valley in Peru. I've been there twice and always remember the clean crisp air because of the altitude that seemed to make colors so much more vivid !




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