Rainy day

Such a cute picture ! I hope to be imitating him soon,
hasn't rained here for quite some time.
I love the rain and I love turtles too.

* found this adorable photo on Cutest paw, it would be great to know it's origin.


Treasure shopping in Lima


The word is getting out ! Peru is a wonderful place for shopping. I travel there as often as possible and once I return home I love going through my finds. Whether I bought it in the capital, high up in the Andes or from an artisan along the beach they are all like exciting memories of a treasure hunt.

One Kings Lane did a great post called Insiders guide to Peru as part of their far-flung shopping escapade series where decorator Nate Berkus jets to Peru to scour the city streets and mountain top villages for handmade treasures. Above are a few of his finds in the capital, Lima Peru. Click on the Insider guide to see a few of his suggestions of shops, places to eat and sleep in the City of Kings. Watch Nate's travelogue below for your passport to Peru.



Chicha Morada ~ Purple corn drink


In a previous post I shared a recipe for Mazamorra Morada, a traditional Peruvian purple corn dessert and mentioned the beneficial properties of purple corn. Recently I have come across a delightful video by Tastemade, with vintage latin music in the background, visually appealing setting and easy to follow instructions it's a sure recipe for fun in the kitchen !

* for more info on Mazamorra Morada or Tastemade just click on the colored links


Pura Plata - Vintage Verde Sterling Ring


I have written before about my love for vintage sterling silver jewelry but 
now I have opened my shop on Etsy dedicated to this obsession. A large quantity of my collection is from Mexico and I'm always searching for vintage Peruvian silver. So today I thought I would feature this great vintage sterling silver ring from Mexico. It has a wonderful bohemian rustic feel with a beautiful stone in an organic shape. With it's scroll work, cluster of spheres and blackened background it evokes the style of Frida Kahlo. This statement ring would be the perfect edition to any ones vintage collection !

For more information on this vintage ring click on the photos or visit



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