Malandrino Latin Style

Catherine Malandrino's 2010 Spring and Resort collection caught my eye because of it's Latin inspiration. Her spring collection was called "Nomads" and said it was an invitation to travel ! That alone grabbed my attention but it was also the inspiration from Peru like the dress above. The collection is said to be inspired by four parts of the world, represented by four different peoples: the Nuba of Sudan, the Berbers of North Africa, the Cashibo of Peru, and the Samoans of Polynesia. Tribal appliqués and zebra prints (Sudan); dusty-hued, languid layers (Sahara) : intricate knits and colorful beading (Peru); and sarong like draping and saturated island brights (South Pacific.)  

The dress above is from her beautiful  2010 resort collection which has a definite Spanish flair. I love the soft mauve pink color. Catherine Malandrino is a french designer based in New York. She has a great website, here's a quote on who she is as a designer : "She channels her energy into poetic designs that encourage women to express their personality. With unique craftsmanship, color palette, and innovative draping skills, she conveys a timeless femininity and “joie de vivre” that Catherine values in her own life. Infusing this idea with a youthful spirit, Catherine Malandrino delivers a chic, feminine, and recognizable silhouette."

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