Obrigado Brasil

My creative juices always get flowing when I travel and my last trip to South America was no exception. Filled with exotic places and colors I love to go back again and again and explore something new. On my last trip my husband and I traveled to Brazil to stay with a friend in Campinas in the state of São Paulo. We also visited Poços de Caldas.  The above picture of a tree that looked like a giant dandelion was taken in Poços de Caldas in the state of  Minas Gerais about 3 hours from Campinas. A quaint little town with a lovely botanical park and small tram to see the view.

These colorful pictures to the left and right were also taken in Minas Gerais. One week was much to short for our first trip to Brazil, we saw beautiful places and tried new foods. I especially liked drinking Cashew milk or caju in Portuguese, my husband didn't care for it but I did and have been meaning to find some locally.  

We definitely need to plan another trip, there is so much still to see we don't know where to begin. But one thing is for sure, we love Brazil and can't wait to go back.

           Obrigado Brasil ~ Thank you Brazil ♥


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