Nem Tudo O Que Luz É Ouro

Today I'm featuring an artisan from Lisbon Portugal. The above title " Nem Tudo O Que Luz É Ouro " is Portuguese for not all that glitters is gold which is the title for Susana's blog and the inspiration for her Etsy shop where she displays her creative and colorful designs. When Susana is not restoring antique art pieces or working on her illustrations she's expressing her creativity with her colorful and whimsical jewelry and accessories.

I particularly am attracted to the ceramic pieces in Susana's shop. One of my favorites is her Coral Ceramic Pin pictured at right. I love the bright red color, texture and depth of the glaze.

Another is the Ceramic Leaf Ring, pictured to the left, with it's warm orange and yellow colors and leaves which seem to be swaying in the summer breeze.

But the most charming piece is the necklace titled " Today I feel like a King " pictured below. The ceramic pendant has an adorable portrait of a happy little bird with a tiny crown on his head and clouds in the background. The description in her shop explains that the little bird had his head in the clouds that day.

Susana's blog Nem Tudo O Que Luz É Ouro 



  1. Hi Tania. Thanks for this lovely and colourful feature! Just loved it!

  2. What a cute shop! Love the bright colors she uses! Thanks for sharing Tania!

  3. What a nice feature! Thanks for letting us know about this shop!

  4. That ring! I am in love! Your blog is lovely and one to definitely come back to!




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