KUNA ~ luxurious natural fibers from the andes

Kuna Beautiful Alpaca Collection
This video displays a combination of images from the Colca Canyon region of Peru, showing beautiful alpacas and guanacos and amazing landscapes. Alpaca Collections strives to bring high quality apparel combining the ancient Peruvian textile tradition with a modern South American design ethic. Their products are made of natural fibers and fabrics, most of which come from the Alpaca animals or pima cotton raised or grown in Peru. Alpacas are beautiful, hearty animals able to withstand harsh environmental conditions and give seasons of amazingly soft wool, supporting their owners and their families for years. The goal of  Kuna is to be like the Alpacas: beautiful, sustainable, durable and giving back to our global family. The video ends with a shot of world leaders wearing Kuna ponchos at the 2008 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit, held in Peru.  for more information visit their website

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