Mama de mayor quiero ser flamenca

I've been wanting to share this blog for quite some time now , "Mama de mayor quiero ser flamenca" which means Mother, when I grow up I want to be a flamenco dancer. Even if you are not passionate about flamenco but you love fashion or just ruffles and polka dots you'll find this blog very appealing. It's written by Elena Rivera from Spain and is dedicated to Andalusian typical dress. She covers the history of flamenco, flamenco festivals in Spain, Flamenco fashion and runway and just fashion in general.

The blog is in Spanish but it's filled with lots of colorful pictures so there is plenty of eye candy if you don't read in Spanish. In the future I hope to share more flamenco fashions from this blog. Take a peek for yourself, all pictures and links on this post are clickable.   


  1. When I grow up I want to dress like that. ;)
    beautiful images

  2. Tania thank you very much for this dedication, I am full of hope that from usa read my words and admire our culture. The flamenco dress is fashion at its purest in our land, I am proud to convey my admiration and reach my readers.
    Thanks, I'm working for editing in English. Kisses from Spain

    elena rivera

  3. that is an amazing dress! great photos!!! :) te encontre x etsy! espero que puedas pasarte x mi blog, besos,bendiciones y buenas vibras.

  4. Hi there, found you on a thread via Etsy. This is a cool pattern...The flemenco dress is a stunner..

    Priscilla & Vi

  5. That dress is to die for! Once I saw a flamenco performance I was never the same; I wanted more and more! It's one of the most beautiful dances I've ever witnessed. Thanks for sharing the link to Mama de mayor quiero ser flamenca with us.




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