Pedro Diego Alvarado

3 Chirimoyas - Tres Chirimoyas

Mazorcas verticales, una roja ~ Verticle Maize, one red

Candelabro Oaxaqueño Vertical ~ Oaxaqueño Verticle Candelabra

These vibrant beautiful paintings are from Mexican painter Pedro Diego Alvarez, grandson of Diego Rivera. I love the wonderful colors and painting style of the Mexican Modernist School. This movement started in the 1920s by artists including Diego Rivera embracing bold new world imagery full of color and activity of the everyday lives of the contemporary Amerindian people.

"In Mexico we have extraordinary light...we live surrounded by very lively colors and that reality is necessarily reflected in my work. I am a Mexican painter, not only by birth but also because I live and work here. The great Mexican painters (Orozco, Rivera, Tamayo) reflected this light, the biodiversity, the fruits, the men and their cultures in their creations...These are all very profound things and are a part of what it is to be Mexican." - Pedro Diego Alvarado 2001

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  1. Such lovely paintings, I think the last is my favourite (I love greens)




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