Featured Artisan ~ Sue Hodgson

Sue Hodgson is a wonderful  jewelry artisan from the UK.  Her designs have a beautiful organic feel to them and I especially love the collections inspired by nature.  The pendant pictured above made of fine silver  is called "Water Lilies" and hangs from a sterling silver chain. It has a gorgeous deep purple blue patina and is one of my favorite pieces. Another necklace that has great patina colors is the one pictured below called "Midnight Poppies". The silvery illuminescent blues of these modern flowers are very eye catching.

Sue's collections of  flower necklaces with  patinas are my favorites but she has so many more designs like her popular Peas in a  Pod series. The picture below is of her peas in a pod cufflinks handcrafted in fine silver. The peas are also available as pendants and charms.  The peas can symbolize children or members of a family and are available as a single pea in a pod or in groups of up to five !

To see more of Sue's jewelry designs you can visit her website SomethingXtraSpecial  or her Etsy shop and there is also her blog. You can click on any of the pictures or links above that will take you directly to her sites.  Enjoy !


  1. Thank you for your comment about Martin Chambi. I can see how his works inspires you beautifully !

  2. Thank you Tania for such a lovely post. I have added to my blog I feel so honored!! Bless you! And thank you for taking the time to feature other artisans, I know very well how time consuming it is.
    Best of luck with your blog!




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