Snail Love

OK it's true, looking in the garden at a snail who has been munching away at my tomato plant doesn't bring the word cute to my mind. But that's the odd thing about snails, when inspired by them creatively they take on a wonderful appeal. They're cute little feelers, delicate spiral shell and slow easy going style. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way, a perfect example is Joo Joo !

When I came across Joo Joo's art blog I immediately fell in love with her snails ! Made with polymer clay and real shells she decorates them with beautiful flowers, leaves, clouds and other fanciful motifs.

I've included a few pictures of my favorites.

She also shows on her blog how she creates them and her inspiration for a particular snail design.

 She explains, "The inspiration for these snails is a Korean historical drama that I'm watching called "Yi San". The colors that they use in their paintings, clothes and decoration always draw my attention."

To see more delightful snails and to learn more about Joo Joo's art blog you can click HERE or on any of the photos or links.

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  1. Charming! Cheerful motifs and bold colors reminiscent of folk art... Very sweet.




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